Tuesday Morning Exploration

A few years ago, I sat in silence to meditate for the first time...

 I gave up after two minutes...

The overthinking, the stillness were too hard to bear.

Over a few weeks,I forced myself to meditate but it was too unnatural and painful.

 After a few attempts, I decided to join a collective guided meditation.


It changed my life. I just had to let go, relax and explore knowing someone was there and guiding me..

Thanks to guided meditations, I started to see meditation as a creative, exciting way to explore and balance myself.​

For those of you who are always in a hurry, feeling stressed, giving into negative energies or simply refuse to allow themselves self-care : I have been there too.

 Meditation helped me to become calmer, more peaceful and to reach a new level of consciousness. It became a nurturing habit, a sacred space to find myself and grow.

Every Tuesday at 9:30 am, we will connect by zoom for a 15-20 minutes free guided meditation.

Allow yourself to take a few minutes for you, to reconnect with your own essence and stillness.

Tuesday morning exploration.png