The wheel, collective energy healings

The wheel is a heart project I developed to create a space for people like me who believe in the power of the cycles and want to grow WITH it ! 

What are the collective healings of the Wheel ?

Every month, a distant, intuitive and themed collective healing will  be proposed in order to tune to the specific energies of the month. I will start by pulling a card or two of my oracles or tarot for tips and guidance to live the coming month with ease, flow and growth. For the second part, I will focus on the energetic work according to the theme of the month.

Why Monthly ?

It is no secret that working with moons and month energies have been part of my rituals for a few years now. I love the cycle work has it taught me that we, human are made of waves and that we can resist and crash against a rock or let go, stop fighting and expand ourselves.

That is what I want to bring to you : a space where you can connect and be helped by the current energies for personal growth and overcoming challenges with more ease and peace !

Why collective ?

For the last years, I have been taking part in collective coaching, healing and meditations and have been hugely carried by the energy uplift from it. The more, the merrier but also The more, the more powerful !

Do I need to do every healing of the wheel ?

No ! Listen to your body, to your wishes and your intuition. Sometimes the theme will appeal you, sometimes it will not. Feel free to join me when you wish ! Never force yourself !


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