A symbol of transformation, beauty and growth a butterfly prepare to fly

Love words 

"I have been suffering with TSW ( topical steroid withdrawal) for the past five months and Charlotte gave me two different type of crystal healings- relaxing and soothing as well as an invigorating one. It worked marvels both times ! It came as a time when I was anxious and in pain but Charlotte was there for me, a great listener too.  Would highly recommend her !" Gaëlle

"Charlotte is adorable, considerate and very attentive. She followed me for about 6 months, with one healing  per month, understanding the things I had to work on as well as accepting the person that I am and my abilities. She helped me enormously to gain self-confidence and understand a lot of things. If you want gentle treatment with innate benevolence, I can only recommend Charlotte." Célia 

"Energy healing with Charlotte !!! Crazy power! I loved it! Felt the energy and a beautiful connection, beautiful resonances and keys! Thank you ! 🙏 So much! 🙏🙏🙏❤️ After the healing: a nice opening of the heart an understanding and big releases! Huge gratitude !!! 🙏 I recommend !!" Sophie

"Charlotte is an amazing therapist. Cheerful, benevolent, spontaneous, she naturally puts you at ease and creates a real connection. The care with her is a moment of humanity that taught me a lot about myself, I recommend her to all those who feel the need to take care of themselves !!! do not hesitate ! " Héloise

"Charlotte is at the top! 2 dream therapy sessions with her that helped me a lot. She is attentive and caring. We can trust her completely. I can only recommend and encourage her in her journey !" Lise

"I wanted to post a little message to encourage Charlotte in her efforts and especially to recommend you to all her energy healings. I called on her twice in barely a month. The first time, out of curiosity. I had feelings, messages and a real better being afterwards. I called her a second time after a painful sentimental event, not only did she listen and boosted me up but during the healing, she really worked where it was hurting. Afterwards I felt an appeasement, calm, acceptance. Only positive. And humanly, Charlotte is a person with a big heart, she shines. Her messages are benevolent, she is very attentive to her clients. For my part, I felt reassured, supported. She shares a lot and wants to create good and well-being. I spent 2 wonderful moments in her company. I recommend it to you at 10,000%! I already know that I myself would call on her again. Thank you Charlotte for what you brought me. 😍😘" Pauline