Healing & therapies

Aura and chakra healing

Crystal healing working on the different energy centers of the body to promote general well-being, to defuse certain blockages and to allow a free and healthy circulation of energy.


Lemuria  crystal healing

In-depth energy healing working on different energy bodies, fears, limiting beliefs and the subconscious. What is no longer needed is cleared.

1H15/ 45 £

Dream therapy

Skype session where we explore the world of dreams by analyzing together a particular dream in order to connect to the unconscious, its messages and its potential for development and healing

1H/ 30£
Ombre sur le mur de béton

Why crystal healing ?

  • We take a time of relaxation for ourselves , a time to reconnect , a time out of time.

  • It is a gentle and natural therapy.

  • We become more aware of the energies in our body.

  • Each crystal has a specialty and a different "job", and provides the most appropriate care fulfilling the needs of the person at the time of healing.

  • A cleansing and a rebalancing is carried out. .


Warning ! My crystal team and I are doing our job but you also have to do yours once the treatment is complete, a crystal is not a magic wand. We talk about what happened there and the avenues for healing to explore after the treatment.

Why dream therapy ?

  • Our unconscious is a royal road : we discover ourselves, we heal ourselves, we make links with the conscious.

  • We fully connect to our creativity with different exercises.

  • We can finally tame recurring nightmares and modify them.

  • We take time for ourselves and it's worth gold.

  • We resolve certain uncomfortable situations and blockages by playing with the unconscious , this is transmitted to the conscious, we become actors .

  • We become more aware of what surrounds us during the day.

  • And it's fun !!!!