• Charlotte from Deep into Soul

Working with the moon🌙

The Sun watches what I do, but the Moon knows all my secrets.
J. M. Wonderland

tree and moon
Moon cycles, powerful way and tool for growth and development

Beautiful powerful moon affecting tides, affecting the water of our body, sometimes affecting our sleep, our emotions.

For centuries, different people and religion have been working this mysterious star. In Ancient Greece, moon talisman were given to women, in India some eating rituals are changed according to the cycle.

How can we enhance our own self awareness and growth thanks to the moon ? How can we develop a beautiful friendship with it and discover ourselves in the process ?

I have been performing moon rituals for a few years now, and It became a habit, a natural thing for me to go out in my bubble on certain lunar events such as new or full moons. It has been bringing me so much along the years : A deep self reflection, a better connection to the natural cycles and a sacred space for expressing my spirituality !

I invite you now to discover more about this lunar cycles and how to connect with it in simple ways:

1) New moon

Let’s start with the starting point. The moon is not visible at all, soon light will emerge again ! This is the beginning of something new, the beginning of a new creation, a metaphor of a new birth !

New moon is related to the notions of : beginning, reboot, fresh start.

What I like to do for the new moon : Choosing a word for the month, writing it and placing the paper under candle. While I light the candle, I focus on the fact that my prayer is sent to the universe. I trust it and visualize it.

2) Waxing Moon

As the light is growing, we are invited to do the same and expand ourselves with conviction, with strength.

Waxing moon is related to the notions of growth, overcome challenges, manifestation, action.

A few days after the new moon, I always find it very helpful to set goals and intentions for the upcoming cycle. I write them and place them in my altar, or under my pillow.

This is a good period to take actions, to move forwards to your goals, to achieve baby steps.

3) Full moon

The beautiful full moon is definitely my favourite but also my most challenging phase. You have clarity now, you can see properly with the moon light. Intuition is heightened, emotions also are. It is time to observe and celebrate.

Full moon is related to reflection, inner work, gratitude and celebration.

During full moons evening, I like to go out for a short walk when the sky is unclouded, charge my crystals, do some tarot reading for myself.

4) Waning moon

As the light grows darker again for a new beginning, this is time to go back to your inner space and be at peace with your shadows.

Waning moon is related to shadow work, letting go, setting boundaries and recharge.

During the waning moon, I tend to deal with rising emotions, negative thoughts. I like to write them on a piece of paper and burn it. I also naturally tend to make space and time to sage my house, to declutter.

Let's bring more of this special and natural energy into your life !!!

Picture credit : Philippe donn from pexel