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Ajna : The third eye, our gaze

Are you in touch with your intuition ? Do you trust your gut feeling and your inner knowing completely, fully ? If not, this is a good start to work with the beautiful third eye chakra !!

candle, amethyst, oracle cards
Oracles, candle meditations and crystals have always been a wonderful way to connect with myself !

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” Dean Koontz

Location : between eyebrows in the middle of the forehead.

Association : Intuition, wisdom, psychic abilities.

Colour : Usually indigo or purple (do not forget we all perceive the world differently so yours can be a different colour).

Crystal associated : Amethyst, labradorite, fluorite, ...

Essential oil : Lavender for its calming properties. Lavender is known to relieve anxiety and encouraging a good sleep.

Mantra : I see the world as it is and even more...

Lesson : Allowing ourselves to see and trust what we see ( may it be visible or subtle ). It also deals with our thoughts and how we work with them, with the development of our psychic abilities, with clarity and spiritual awareness.

Physical/ Mental issues related : Fear, insomnias, eyes problems ….

The third eye or inner eye can be balanced and taken care of by expanding the consciousness and the gaze. It may be with meditation, visualization but also by developing and trusting your own abilities (such as sensing auras, listening your intuition, pulling oracle cards, … ) Trust, work with your gut feeling to balance this lovely chakra.

The last chakra main chakra I am going to write about is the crown one, centre of faith and connection.

Picture credit : Charlotte from Deep into soul

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