• Charlotte from Deep into Soul

Manipura : Solar plexus, our light

Do you feel you can archieve everything you want with strength and confidence ? Do you see yourself as a powerful, a capable person ? These qualities are strengthened by the solar plexus !

Sunray piercing through forest's trees
Sunrays are powerful tools when it comes to balance solar plexus chakra.

"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship" Louise May Alcott

Location : the stomach area.

Association :Power, self-esteem, Confidence.

Colour : Usually yellow (do not forget we all perceive the world differently so yours can be a different colour).

Crystals related : Citrine, tiger’s eye, sun stone …

Essential oil : Cinnamon for its tonic, warming effect helping the stomach area to work and digest properly.

Mantra : I completely trust myself.

Lesson : Allowing ourselves to think. This chakra is related to intellectual matters, to confidence and the power we give ourselves. It allows us to spread our light, our brightness.

Physical / Mental issues related : digestive problems, poor memory, ulcers …

You can work with this chakra by building up your skills, by making your work brain (taking a class, playing a game ...) As said in the name, the solar plexus needs to be light, so you can also go out and enjoy the sun (imagine the sun’s rays penetrate this chakra and fill it !! )

The next chakra I will be talking about is Anahata, the heart <3

Picture credit Charlotte from Deep into soul