• Charlotte from Deep into Soul

Smoky Quartz, the grounding scot

Would you like to bring extra grounding in your life ? Are you looking for an ally to help you practice mindfulness ? Smokey quartz is the crystal you need !!

I only have one smoky quartz at home, one of my first crystals. Its colour, its reflection has been magnetizing me for years.

Let’s talk a small bit more about this gorgeous stone :

Smoky quartz on rocks
Smoky quartz is an amazing crystal to strengthen our connection with Earth and nature

Colour : Brown to Grey, with some dark black.

Family : Quartz.

Chakra associated : Root chakra.

Cleansing : water, earth grounding.

Charging : Sunlight (not too long as the colour could fade) or earth grounding.

Association : Grounding, protection, purification, release...

Smoky quartz is highly associated with the gorgeous Scotland for its long love story and uses but also as the national gemstone of the country. Enlightened by Celts who mined it in the Cairngorms mountains, worn for by highlanders to show their power and influence, it was also used by druids to enhance rituals or by mourning people to soothe their pain.

This gorgeous crystal is mainly known for its protective and cleansing side. Capturing negative energy, electromagnetic smogs, you can use it very easily in your home or in your car in order to protect and purify it. You can even create your own talisman with smoky quartz and move with stability and security through your day. As for its purification properties, you will notice that smoky quartz will make it easier and smoother to let go, release old habits, negative patterns and thoughts.

This is a grounding stone helping us to come back to our roots, to earth. It helps us to center and feel aligned. By grounding and centering, you can feel calmer and less subject to anxiety and fears. Smoky quartz is an ideal crystal if you are going through major changes and want to live with a serene and confident energy...

I particularly love this crystal as it helps to deepen trust, love and knowledge regarding our own shadows. This stone helps us to see that everything is dark and light and that both of these aspects are complementary and beautiful.

On a physical level, Smoky quartz is a good stone to use to relieve pain in general, but especially leg, hip and abdomen one. It also helps to release any toxins from adrenal glands, pancreas and kidneys for example.

Picture : Charlotte from Deep into soul