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Rose quartz, the lover

Rose quartz, one of the most treasured crystal ...

If you are looking for a gentle and loving stone, if you want to increase your self-love, empathy or self-esteem, you are in the right place.

Rose quartz crystals
Rose quartz, a soft and gentle crystal working with love, self-care and heart !

According to the legend, Aphrodite cut herself on a bush while trying to save her lover, Adonis. Her blood felt on a quartz and tanned it with a beautiful pinky colour giving us Rose quartz.

Other name : Pink Quartz, Hyaline Quartz.

Colour : pale pink to reddish pink.

Family : Quartz.

Chakra associated : Heart chakra.

Cleansing : water.

Charging : Sunlight ( not too long) or full moon.

Association : Kindness, unconditional love, relationship, nurturing, healing.

While Egyptians were covering their death's tombs with pink quartz to bring even more love and beauty to death, Romans were using it to create facial masks in order to get a shiny and gorgeous skin !

Rose quartz has also been used (and still is) to create love talisman, love potion and simply as muses to lift inspiration and beauty around us.

This crystal definitely made its way through history loved and cherished for all its properties.

As said before, rose quartz is mostly known for its gentle and loving aspects ! If you want to work with self-love and inner peace, it is always good to be surrounded by these crystals. If you want to heal some relationships and soften them, carry a rose quartz with yourself and ask it to help you to see with loving eyes. Place it in your house to invite harmony and general love.

As this crystal is very gentle and soothing, you can also work with it if you suffer from anxiety or would like to reduce the pain of a certain trauma. It will help with sorrow, bring comfort and healing.

Regarding physical healing : Rose quartz is known to clear, so why don't you create an elixir to give your skin a gorgeous, clean and healthy tone ?

The same way it can clear your skin, it will also clear the inside of your body and release impurities.

As related to the heart, of course rose quartz helps with all heart's and circulatory problems.

Hope you enjoyed this artice and It made you want to work more with this amazing crystal !! Do not hesitate to share in comments your own story with rose quartz !

Picture credit Charlotte from Deep into soul