• Charlotte from Deep into Soul

Muladhara : Root chakra, our stability

Do you feel safe, fearless and grounded ? Do you connect with Earth and feels supported, protected by her ? If not, have a closer look at your root chakra ...

Meditation in a national park. Trees, river
Meditating, grounding yourself in nature remains one of the best way to heal the root chakra.

There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it. Elizabeth A Benhke

Location : At the base of the spine.

Association : Life force, material world, strength

Colour : Usually red (do not forget we all perceive the world differently so yours can be a different colour)

Crystal association : Red jasper, tourmaline, haematite (basically all crystals helping with roots)

Essential oil association : Patchouli for its grounding effects.

Mantra : I am protected.

Lesson : Allowing ourselves to exist. This chakra especially resonate with the notion of materiality and security. It reveals our connection to earth, our roots and our great fears.

Some physical/mental issues related : addiction, depression, cold feet, …

Having worked with chakras for three years now, I noticed that the root chakra is often imbalanced because of all the fears we carry. It has been especially increasing with the covid situation and almost all my patients (myself included) this year have been showing a clear or subtle imbalance.

If you want to take care and keep this chakra the healthier possible, you can favour physical exercise like going on walks or activities which connect yourself with earth such as pottery for example. You can also visualize the colour red filling this chakra, work with crystals, sounds, essential oils, the choice and possibilities are fun and infinite !!!

I hope this article will help some of you, we will talk next time of the sacral chakra, a very sensual and creative one !

Picture credit Charlotte from Deep into soul