• Charlotte from Deep into Soul

Quick meditations for busy people🧘

Do you have a busy life but would like to incorporate a few minutes for yourself every day?

I am the same ! I tend to forget to meditate, but when I do it, it really lightens my day, brings me peace and energy to carry on with my day !

Here are 3 of my favourite meditations when I am in a rush and only have 5 spare minutes!

woman meditating in a park
Meditating every day, even for two minutes, is full of benefits !

1) Candle meditation (Relaxation)

This one is so easy. Take a candle, light it and focus on the flame for a few minutes.

That’s it !! Very simple but so effective and relaxing. You can have a lot of fun with this one : Choose a coloured candle, set an intention when lighting it...

2) Breathe of fire (Energy)

I started loving breath work very recently, but I have to say that I had a crush on that one for years.

Take a comfortable sit, and place your hands up on your knees! Start to inhale passively through your nose and feel your belly expanding. Exhale forcefully through your mouth and contract your abdominal muscles. Repeat for a few breathe and speed up the rhythm. The exhalation start to be more powerful, deep and energizing !!

3) 5 Senses (Consciousness)

That one is lovely to come back to your body. Relax and focus on your breath till relaxed and make your five senses work ! What do you hear ? What do you smell ? What do you taste ? What do you see ? What is your body touching (floor, clothes ? ).

Meditation does not have to be a 45 minutes journey to some astral space, so dive into it and enjoy it :D

Picture credit silentpilot from pixabay