• Charlotte from Deep into Soul

Why is meditation so amazing ?

“If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is key."


woman meditating in desert
There is nothing better than meditating outside. A sense of peace... A sense of openess... A sense of universe !

Meditation is a wonderful practice for everybody ! I started meditating 5 years ago to reduce my level of anxiety but also to control my hyperactivity tendency !

The first months of practice were difficult and inconstant, I could barely meditate more than two minutes without wanting to go on with my life and move again !

But after years, the benefits and the different ways of meditating, helped me to grow by making my practice easier and flourishing!

Let’s focus today on how amazing meditating has been for me and can be for you.

Here a FEW (amongst many others) benefits of meditating frequently :

1) Drastically reduce and stabilize stress levels

I, by nature, am a very stressed person. Meditating on mornings, and evenings helped to create a peaceful space. I notice that I go on with my day in a softer, calmer and more confident way.

2) Promote emotional health

By sitting with yourself, you allow your emotions to show up and speak. Free to express themselves, they can do it, gives messages about ourselves and help us deal with them.

3) Enhance general self awareness

By focusing on the body, we understand and know ourselves better. Where are our flaws, our strengths, our power, our pains ?

4) Improve sleep

If you have insomnia tendencies, meditation greatly help to ease a running mind and create a calmer space in order to fall asleep.

5) Help control pain

This one is actually an amazing point. Being meditating helped me to release certain levels of pain ( physical or mental), and to recover quickly. My technique is to focus on the painful area or thought and ask it to soften while exhaling.

6) Increase creativity

This one is my favourite ! You cannot even imagine how many worlds I have been creating, connecting and visiting during meditation !! Let your imagination run wild, create amazing places, feelings, rituals and enjoy them !

7) Develop intuition

By being more tuned and calmer, we allow intuition a bigger place to deliver messages. The mental is less interfering, the intuition is free to speak !!

8) Clarity and focus gain

As said in the previous point, the mental is not speaking as much. We can see with clarity, find solutions to our problems quicker and efficiently.

Remember that every one is different, we all have our own practice. Do not worry if you do not like to meditate more than five minutes, if you fall asleep or if you think that your mind is driving you crazy. The most important is to keep it light and enjoyable !! Keep on going, have fun and ENJOY !!