• Charlotte from Deep into Soul

Anahata : Heart chakra, our love

Do you feel loved, loving and lovable ? Do you love and accept fully the gorgeous person you are ? In this article, I will explain how you can deal with this.

Heart shaped on hedge
Heart chakra can be balanced by connecting with nature.

"The Way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart." Buddha

Location : centre of the chest.

Association : Love, self-love, forgiveness.

Colour : Usually green or pink (do not forget we all perceive the world differently so yours can be a different colour).

Crystals associated : Rose quartz, aventurine, malachite...

Essential oils : Rose for the power of its love and softness. For its calming, soothing and romantic properties.

Mantra : I love myself and the world entirely, wholly.

Lesson : Allowing ourselves to love and be loved. You can show compassion and forgiveness to the world, to yourself, and those around you.

Physical/ Mental issues associated : Heart diseases, lungs diseases, blood circulation, asthma…

Anahata is a lovely chakra to work with.

I would suggest to start working on self-love first and expand it after. You are your own base, you are the beginning of everything around you, so I noticed that if you focus on loving yourself and take care of yourself the rest will follow.

You can also balance this chakra by spending time with your loved ones, connect with nature and do some activities which warmth your heart and bring you joy.

The next article will be talking about the throat chakra, centre of self-expression.