• Charlotte from Deep into Soul

Clear Quartz, the master

Do you have a choice to make but lack clarity to take your decision ? Are you fond of manifestation and would like an extra help to create your vision ?

Clear quartz, sage, gold
Clear quartz for manifesting your best life and letting go !!

“Expect to manifest everything that you want to manifest.”

Quartz has been loved and used for centuries and by many civilizations ! Considered as the king or queen of crystals is mastering healing and amplifying it ! Other name : Rock crystal.

Colour : colourless, clear.

Family : Quartz.

Chakra associated : Any chakra.

Cleansing : water, salt, earth grounding, incense.

Charging : Sunlight ( not too long), full moon or geode.

Association : Clarity, manifestation, high vibration, cleansing, amplifying. The name "Quartz" comes from Ancient Greece and from the word Ice. Greeks while seeing quartz thought it was made of ice. Later on, during Middle age in Europe, psychic were using balls made of clear quartz to predict the future. In Ancient Egypt, it was used to build monuments in order to channel energies (as it was in Atlantis and Lemuria according to legends and beliefs). Quartz has many properties. The first one is to be a great cleanser. It regulates, release, transmute and neutralize negative energy. You can either use it to clear your mind, your house, your body and even your crystals !!!! By cleansing and releasing, clear quartz helps us to gain more clarity, a higher vision (by connecting with our higher self more easily) which was not seen while polluted. I always recommend it while you have a headache for example to relieve the pain but also ro clarify the fog you are experiencing. You will aslo higher your own vibration and be ready for the next property !! One of the reason clear quartz is loved and so popular, is because this crystal is a wonderful one when you wish to manifest and take your creation power back. As a cleanser and an amplifier, clear quartz will help you to focus on the vision you want to create but also give strenght and weight to your personal intentions and thoughts !! Please do not hesitate to share in comment how clear quartz has been helping you !

Picture credit : Charlotte from Deep into soul