• Charlotte from Deep into Soul

Carnelian, the fiery

Creativity !! Joy !! Rebirth !! Energy ! I just called carnelian for today’s article so if you wish to bring a cheerful stone in your life, that’s the one !!

Carnelian crystal rainbow colours
Carnelian crystals are the embodiment of joy and vitality !

Carnelian is one of my favourite crystal. It is a such joyful, creative and sunny (sometimes even cheeky) one and to my eyes, the perfect embodiment of the sacral chakra !

Let’s learn a bit more about it : Colour : Orange to Red. Other names : Singer’s stone, The sunset stone, the artist stone. Family : Chalcedony. Chakra associated : Sacral chakra. Cleansing : water, salt, earth grounding. Charging : Sunlight. Association : Joy, vitality, sexuality, self esteem, positivity. In Ancient Egypt, carnelian was used by women but also by men ! The crystal is said to be connected with the gorgeous Isis and help women during their cycles. Men were quite fond of it too and were going to battle with a piece of carnelian to give them courage !! Later on, in different parts of the world, carnelian was loved and celebrated for its fiery side, its brightness !!!

Carnelian is a cheerful stone known to bring vitality and energy. By its dynamism, It enhances our creative side, but also our courageous side, self esteem and positivity. Related to the sacral chakra, carnelian also work on our sexuality, promoting a good balance and allowing ourselves to connect with our own desire and pleasure. On a physical level, carnelian has been bringing so much to me but also to my patients : I am used now to put a carnelian stone on my abdomen during my periods, It has been helping me to soothe my menstrual pain ! It also soften and enhanced healing for a friend suffering from kidney stone. This fire stone is warm and help relieve tensions as well as stimulates muscles and organs, especially situated in the lower abdomen ! Carnelian is also known to improve vitamin and mineral absorption thanks to its lovely colour vibration and energy.

If you do not have any carnelian at home, I definitely invite you to find one of these ! I assure you It will bring joy, light and fire energy to you 💖

Picture credit : Charlotte from Deep into soul